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Mar 12

All about science

While the experiments themselves are learning experiences, being able to stand next to your project and explain your thoughts and processes is a whole other experience. On the morning of the science fair, our students had the opportunity to wander through classrooms to see what their peers had created. In the afternoon, they stood with their projects to share what they wondered, learned, and discovered with families – theirs and those of other students. For some of our students this came easily, for others it might have been more of a challenge. Research suggests that introversion occurs in a higher rate in the gifted population, and we know that the presentation aspect of the Science Fair might be a source of anxiety for some of our kids. Nevertheless, they did a fine job talking about projects they were proud of.   

It is always a special day when our school community gathers. Our younger students love to hang out with the middle schoolers, and they were clearly in awe of their big kids’ science experiments. And we love occasions when families can come to school. It is a wonderful thing to be at a small school where the community is strong and sharing in achievements can be a whole school affair.


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