Together they make magic

Gifted children are not better or more special than other children. The children you'll meet at Seabury are simply children who learn differently and who need a school that allows them to learn something new every day.

Giftedness impacts everything about how a person perceives and interacts with the world. Our students need intellectual challenges, but just as important is education that nurtures their social, emotional and physical growth.

Intellectually advanced students benefit when they have the chance to learn and grow with other students and teachers who "get them." Bringing gifted youngsters together results in students who have a strong sense of identity and confidence.

When gifted kids share a classroom with other gifted students, magic happens. We see it every day. Ideas spark other ideas. Creative minds go places together that they wouldn’t go on their own.

Seabury students ...

  • Are intellectually advanced for their age. A complex vocabulary, a quick grasp of new  information, a strong memory, advanced reasoning skills or a more sophisticated sense of humor than age peers are indicators of advanced intellect regardless of academic success in school.

  • May be significantly ahead in one or more academic areas. For young gifted students, about 50 percent read early.

  • Are not necessarily advanced in all areas. A student who is many grades ahead in reading may be developing more typically in math (or vice versa).

  • Think more deeply and understand more fully than typical age peers. Seabury students understand abstractions earlier and ask questions that are more sophisticated than you would expect from typical students their age.

  • Love complexity – complex stories in play, games with complex rules, and making unique connections between ideas are a few examples.

  • Learn new information quickly and require much less repetition to master new learning. Too much unnecessary repetitive practice can decrease achievement rather than increase learning.

  • May be at a much different developmental level intellectually than they are socially, emotionally or physically, and may need support when they are able to understand information that they may not be emotionally ready to process.

  • Can be intense. They may be deeply sensitive, deeply intuitive, and/or highly active. Their minds are whirring all the time. They love to ask questions and have a strong need for justice and equity.

  • Can be twice exceptional. Twice exceptional (2E) students are students who are gifted and have an additional developmental or learning difference that impacts them in the classroom. If you have a 2E child, our admissions team would be happy to talk with you about whether Seabury would be the right fit for your child’s educational needs.

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