Support for our families too

Raising gifted children is both a joy and a challenge. Watching as they learn and grow, as they take delight in a new discovery or soak up information like a sponge is a thrill. But dealing with the endless, "Why can't we do it this way?" questions, helping them deal with perfectionism or sensitivities, setting appropriate boundaries when their emotional age doesn't match their intellectual age, can make parenting a gifted child a unique challenge.   

Seabury is not only a place where gifted children find true peers who understand and support them, it is also a place where adults who love highly capable children find support and encouragement among those who understand the challenges of finding appropriate reading material for an early reader, or of having a child who wants to negotiate with you over everything or can't go to sleep at night until she knows everything there is to know about black holes. 

Support for adults at Seabury includes:

  • A community where you don't go unnoticed
  • Teachers and staff who understand the needs of gifted children and who team with families to support each child
  • Activities for the whole family, such as family game night, math night — and more
  • Classes, speakers and support groups for families of gifted children at Seabury and in the community.
  • Seminars led by nationally recognized leaders in gifted education, as part of our SeaburySquared: Center for Gifted Education programming.

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