I need you; you need me.

"I can't remember seeing you around.
You must be from the other side of town.
You look a little bit strange to me.
But that's all right; I like variety.

"I need you. You need me.
We're family. We're fam-i-ly.
I need you. You need me.

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We're Seabury

Those are a few of the words from We're Family, the song we sing at the end of each Friday's gathering. It's the song we've adopted as Seabury's song and it embodies an atmosphere that's important to us. Whether it's fifth graders helping the pre-k children with a writing project, our teachers knowing and watching out for every child at the school, or the hearty invitation we issue to parents, grandparents and friends to numerous activities during the year, we are family.
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