Safety is a high priority at Seabury.  As a school that takes a child-centered approach to teaching and learning, we recognize that students need to feel safe in order to take the risks required for learning.  We also know that parents expect us to provide a safe learning environment at school, and to make sure that student safety is in the forefront of planning for our many off campus field studies and authentic learning experiences.  Student safety is a priority in all policy development, and in planning for all events, activities and trips.  Keeping kids safe at Seabury includes:

  • Making sure staff has training in CPR and 1st Aid.
  • Health and safety policies and procedures that are reviewed regularly with staff including procedures for emergencies such as fire, earthquake and lockdown, policies regarding health practices at school, and practices that keep our facilities safe such as keeping outside doors locked at all times.
  • Age appropriate social-emotional learning in all classrooms that includes personal safety, bullying prevention and self-advocacy.
  • Regular practice with students on emergency procedures including fire drills, earthquake, and lockdowns.
  • Working with local agencies including the Tacoma Fire Department, the Tacoma Police Department the Tacoma Downtown Partnership Security team to make sure our safety policies and procedures are in line with best practices.  The Tacoma PD community liason officers provide a connection between the school and the police department.  The Tacoma Downtown Partnership Security team, sponsored by the Tacoma Business Improvement Association and provides an extra layer of security for the downtown Tacoma business district, including our middle school campus.  Our security team members know our middle school schedule and are there for our pick up, drop off and recess times, and are also on call any time we need assistance.  We are so grateful for their support.
  • Our downtown Tacoma middle school campus not only has the protection of TPD and the Downtown Partnership Security team, but we are also next door to the Tacoma School of the Arts and benefit from their campus security.  Because some of our neighboring buildings include federal agencies, there is also support in the area from the Dept of Homeland Security police.  Our neighboring businesses love having our kids downtown and also help us keep them safe.  The head of school attends BIA security briefings to make sure Seabury knows what is going on in the community and that the community is on the lookout for the safety of our students.
  • Bridges and middle school students get instruction from teachers in how to navigate an urban area safely, giving them important life skills that will allow them to move safely through the community on their own as they get older.


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