"Seabury gives everybody exactly what they need

It's a welcoming environment, and it's a challenging and fun environment."

– Fifth grade student

Our son was already reading at a first grade level at the age of four. This school is more than just the academic. Seabury nurtures the whole student. While his brain is intellectually advanced his maturity is still that of a 4 year old, and his emotions have a hard time catching up. Seabury recognizes that and their teachers are equipped in helping to guide these brilliant children in all facets. They look for the child to be successful as a whole being while engaging and challenging their minds.

– Parent, 5-star review, niche.com

My two daughters attended Seabury from pre-K through eighth grade, with the most recent graduating in the spring of 2019. Since then, I have served on the Board of Trustees for the school. In my estimation, the experience that this institution offers to highly capable students cannot be matched elsewhere in the lower Puget Sound area. It is both a nurturing environment and a place that critically challenges the curious. My girls loved this school – their classmates, the teachers, the approach, the school as a whole. I firmly believe that their current experiences at UC Davis and UC Berkeley would not have been possible without this school. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

– Parent and Seabury board member, review greatschools.org

Best friends reflect on Seabury years

They met in first grade at Seabury School and soon became fast friends, both in and out of school. Still close after graduating from the eighth grade at Seabury and moving on to different high schools, they reunited for this video to talk about the value of a Seabury education.

Seabury was my starting point for a lifelong focus on curiosity, drive, and helping people. My time through Seabury encouraged me to work on what I was passionate about, always ask questions, and never forget to be myself above all else.

– Lucas Bush, Seabury alum, digital coordinator, United for a New Economy

Seabury middle school is a wonderful environment for preteen kids. They really foster a love for learning, and keep my kid engaged in academics in a way I have not experienced before. I really appreciate this school!

– Parent review, niche.com

We are grateful every day that we found Seabury for our daughter. Seabury really focuses on the whole child and the social-emotional learning that goes on there is incredible.

– Parent review, niche.com

I'm finally being challenged so I'm not bored out of my brain.

I like how teachers listen to you.

Because of the small classes, teachers can really focus on you.

I finally have friends; I'm not interested in the stereotypical girl things and at my old school that's all the girls were into.

– Third and fourth grade girls at lunch

I work as an engineering geologist and geomorphologist for the state DNR. I help the state manage landslide and erosion risk to protect habitat and public safety. Seabury kindled my curiosity about science and the natural world and helped me develop coping mechanisms for my neurodivergence. 

– Noah (Griffin) Dudley, Seabury alum

My years at Seabury inspired my love of inquiry, creativity, and exploration. I have brought these values into my own teaching and businesses through preschool, drop-in childcare, co-working spaces for parents, and after school enrichment programs. Thanks to Seabury, I have always aimed to create inclusive spaces and to say "you are welcome here" to all families. 

– Natasha (Wagner) Howell, founder and owner Our Pod Family (Tacoma Children's School, The Co-Lab,  The Pod Works) 

IMG_7080Our son is currently in grade 5 at Seabury. On a personal level he has made a ton of really good friends and connected with a core group of great kids, which he hadn't done in other schools he'd attended. We've had them over outside of school and they're all great kids. On an academic level he is for the first time being challenged by his math classes instead of bored by them. In all his classes the teachers have all done an amazing job of figuring out what makes him tick and using that to engage him and the rest of his class in their lessons. The frequent downtown field trips and outings have him telling me about amazing parts of Tacoma that he first read about and then visited.

– Parent, review, niche.com

Seabury offers so much for my middle school student. I've seen my child grow in their confidence as an independent thinker and learner. My child loves going to middle school each day and is excited to learn and engage with peers and teachers in their middle school journey. At any given time during the school year, students at the middle school work on projects with their peers. I've seen this project-based learning approach expand my child's ability to work through challenges and negotiate with their peers effectively, in addition to being a great approach to learning about a topic or subject! The middle school is unique in that it provides an immersive learning environment in downtown Tacoma where students can engage with the community beyond the classroom. I am so glad Seabury is here as a middle school in our community as it offers a unique place for gifted learners to flourish within a supportive and skilled community. of teachers and staff.

– Parent, review, greatschools.com

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