July 2024


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Jul 22, 2024

The Enchanted Forest: Fairy Gardens & Gnome Heads Summer Camp

Escape into a wonderful world alight with whimsy! Here you will learn about local plant life, woodland creatures, natural engineering, and all your favorite fairytale...

Jul 22, 2024

Survive in the Wild Summer Camp

Bushcraft!  Join fellow adventurers and learn the skills to survive, thrive, and find your way in the outdoors. Campers will explore a variety of skills...

Global Myths and Legends Summer Camp

July 22, 2024 9:00 AM

The world is filled with so many interesting people and places! Join us as we travel the globe in search of beauty, mystery and adventure. Using ancient stories and folktales as our guides, we will explore the geography, culture and traditions of modern and ancient people from around the world, and appreciate both what makes us similar and what makes us unique. Use Seabury’s Maker Space to create cultural art such as masks and musical instruments, mosaic and ceramics. Explore and create maps and learn tools for navigating the globe such as latitude and longitude. Write your own myths and legends. Learn about oral tradition and become a storyteller. Explore food, music and celebrations from around the world.

Ages 7-11

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