March 2024


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Mar 8, 2024

All-School Science Fair

You haven't been to a science fair until you've been to a SEABURY Science Fair! Details to come...

Mar 26, 2024

Adult Education Night

Gifted kids and intensity. We know many that have that particular personality trait. Let's explore. Speaker: Head of School: Sandi Wollum

SeaburySquared: Dive Into Art Journaling

March 2, 2024 9:00 AM

Come along in an adventure into the world of art journaling! We will use color, paper, words, paint, pictures, and more as we begin to fill up the pages of an art journal that you’ll take home with you. Your art journal will become a home for your ideas, feelings, secret dreams, and stories, and we’ll send you home with lots of ideas to keep filling it. Liz Lamoreux has been teaching creativity and mindfulness practices for more than 20 years. She believes in the magic of telling our stories and creating in community. As a mom of a gifted kid, she also knows that journaling through art and words can become a powerful way to practice being in our bodies and hearts along with our heads. Find out more about her at

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