The Basics

The Auction as Fundraiser

Seabury’s auction is a celebratory gathering of the extended community – but it is, first and foremost, a fundraising event. In order to provide varied opportunities for families and friends to participate in the event, Seabury offers several fun ways to help out:

  • Fund a Need
  • Silent and Live Auctions
  • Fund a Teacher
  • Dessert Dash

Fund a Need

The fund a need raise-the-paddle portion of the auction has been a huge help to the school over the years. The school’s bus, the smart boards in the classrooms, new carpets / paint, computers in the lab and an iPad resource center, as well as technological and other teacher training are some of the recent examples of benefits the fund-an-item auction has brought to the school.

Silent and Live Auctions

Through the hard work and awesome creativity of Seabury families, the auction committee procures items, experiences, tickets, and trips to offer during the silent and live auctions. Participants can bid on these items – many of which can be used for birthday, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s day presents, etc. – knowing that the proceeds will be used to help the school. A win-win!

Fund a Teacher

Each year, Seabury encourages Faculty and Staff to attend the auction, since it is a celebration of them and what they do for the students every day. It is an evening for teachers to relax with co-workers and parents, to enjoy the fruits of their labor and see the community come together in support and appreciation of the work that they do, every day, helping students grow and thrive. Part of this encouragement is allowing faculty to come to the auction at no charge: the school, in effect, is covering the cost of the meals, a hard-dollar cost which impacts the bottom-line revenue from the auction. During virtual auctions, community members can cover the cost of Party Packs for faculty members.

Seabury has decided to follow in the footsteps of many other schools around the country and is asking parents to "Fund-a-teacher" by donating some or all of the cost of a ticket to be used towards the participation of our fabulous teachers. This way, they have an even bigger incentive to participate, and the school gets to keep a larger portion of the revenues from the event by offsetting these costs.

Any amount helps. When families register on-line, they will have the opportunity to donate $1, $10, $15, $50 or more - whatever they feel comfortable giving - in order to support faculty/staff participation at the Annual Auction. 

Dessert Dash

When auctions are in-person, the dessert dash is a sweet way to have your cake and eat it too! Procured from local businesses and families, a wide variety of desserts are available for purchase by the tables at the event. During the night, table guests have the opportunity to bid any amount they wish toward desserts. After dinner, the bids are collected and tallied. The table with the highest collective bid gets first choice of dessert from the available options, the second highest bid gets second choice, and so on. But, beware! As the tables are called, the speed of notification increases, so running to the dessert table may make the difference between getting your desired dessert or ending up with Twinkies!

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