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About Seabury

Seabury is the only independent school in the South Puget Sound area with programs specifically designed for gifted kids in pre-k through 8th grade. We're about the whole child – intellectual, social, emotional and developmental. We nurture children’s curiosity, help them pursue their passions, let their readiness and interests guide the pace and depth of learning, and support highly capable kids in a community that “gets” them. To learn more, visit our ABOUT US pages and OUR PROGRAM pages.
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Giftedness is ..

... a greater awareness, a greater sensitivity, and a greater ability to understand and transform perceptions into intellectual and emotional experiences."        – Annemarie Roeper

"I bet Albert Einstein wouldn't have dropped out of school, if he'd had a school like Seabury to go to."
Seabury second grader, October 2016

Is your child gifted? Questions to answer.

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