November 30, 2014

Discovering their gifts

"Giftedness is a greater awareness, a greater sensitivity, and a greater ability to understand and transform perceptions into intellectual and emotional experiences."

- Annemarie Roeper, 2000

What does it mean to be "gifted?" We are often uncomfortable with that word and unsure what it means. Parents of young children who come to visit Seabury often tell me that they are not sure their child is really "gifted" but they can see that their child is developing differently - more quickly in many areas - than other children of the same age and they are concerned about what that will mean when it's time for school. They've read the list of characteristics of giftedness and recognize their child in many of them, but what does that really mean for schooling, for parenting and for life?

A Seabury moment

By Nancy Chapa, Seabury PE teacher

Yesterday, a class of primary children was busy moving from one circuit station to another, doing specific exercises at each. As I scanned the group, one child approached me. With a stunned expression and surprise in his voice, he said, "I jumped."

A smile crept through my eyes. "You jumped. I am so happy for you!" I beamed at him.

His immediate response, "Yes!" was only slightly faster than his movement. He stepped back and readied his jump rope. I held my breath while all of the little progressions we had been practicing together since last year, were, finally connecting like a dot to dot puzzle in his mind and body.

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Why we give ...

We gave thanks on Thursday, shopped (or not) on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Now the folks behind a global movement called #GivingTuesday are urging us to turn our thinking outward and share our time, energy and money with others. #GivingTuesday was founded in 2012 by New York's 92nd Street Y in partnership with the United Nations Foundation.

We at Seabury think it's a great idea, no matter where you give. But we're in the middle of an Annual Fund drive that is critical to the operation of our school. We are a nonprofit organization and Annual Fund tax deductible contributions support all the school's programs and operations, including arts, science and our engaging, individualized curriculum in both the lower and middle schools that has kept us inspiring gifted kids for 25 years.

Why give to Seabury? Read on to hear from some who do.

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Parenting these kids

Any parent of a gifted kid knows that raising these children is both a joy and a challenge. Dealing with characteristics like perfectionism, endless negotiating, intensity, or emotions that are out of sync with intellectual development can make parenting uniquely challenging.

SENG Model Parent Groups are a place where parents of gifted children can gather to share stories, discuss strategies, and share insights as they read A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children, by James T. Webb, the pre-eminent guide to raising gifted children. SENG group facilitators participate in a rigorous training process led by trainers from the national SENG organization and guide parents in building a community of support and understanding. 

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Be a Jellybean

Sign ups are open for the winter 2015 session of our Saturday Jellybean class for 2-year-olds and young 3s. Here's a chance for your little one to get a first taste of the Seabury experience – learning, playing and exploring with friends in a classroom full of quality early childhood materials. The first class is Jan. 10.

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High School Night

You are invited to Seabury's annual High School Night this Thursday, Dec. 4, at 7 p.m. at the middle school. Seabury alums will be there to talk about their high school experiences. We'll also talk about finding the perfect fit after Seabury middle school.

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