Our line-up will include in-person camps in July!

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These were our awesome classes last summer!

Distance Learning – Seabury Style!

  • Each participant will receive an activity kit filled with the week’s materials shipped to their home.
  • Daily activities motivate participants to explore and challenge their imaginations with minimal screen time.
  • Teacher and participants will collaborate over Zoom.
  • Minimal need for adult involvement; participants work independently on each challenge/activity.


  • Daily Check In: Join your teacher for a daily Zoom call to see what you are learning for the day and what your challenge/activity is.
  • Creative Work Time: After the daily Zoom call, you will be off to create and explore daily assignments. We challenge you to get outside and get some fresh air while working on your class activities.
  • Reflect and Share: At the end of the week, join your teacher and fellow participants to share and reflect on your learning to celebrate your success and creativity!

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Rediscovering the Renaissance

When: July 20-24

Who: Students entering 6th-8th grade

Cost: $125

Registration deadline: June 20

Explore the Renaissance. Students will build DIY versions of the camera obscura, cannon, and recreate Brunellesci's famous dome using toothpicks and gumdrops. Having built their own working models , students will then explore how the camera obscura heightened realism in painting, and how traditional fort design was rethought in order to thwart the new firepower of cannons. Teachers: Jared Mackenzie and Dr. David Muller

The Deep, Dark Sea

When: July 20-24

Who: Students entering 2nd-6th grade

Cost: $125

Registration deadline: June 20

We will go way deep down to explore the deep, deep dark sea. What creatures live in the depths of the ocean? Oh yes, it's dark down there. How do they see? What do they eat? How deep does the ocean go? How do scientists explore the ocean? Did you know that there are mountains below that are higher than some mountain ranges above ground? How does a submarine work? Can we make one? What happens to oxygen and gravity when you are so deep? We will dive deeper into this topic to learn more. Teacher: Anna Dudley 

Pangolins & Unicorns

When: July 27-31

Who: Students entering 2nd-6th grade

Cost: $125

Registration deadline: June 27

This week is about all imaginary creatures – and real creatures that are so strange that they could be imaginary. Study biology, geography, mythology – and graphic novels. Get the chance to create an imaginary creature of your own – and its habitat. You might try your hand at a your own graphic novel. The earth is an amazing place – and so is your imagination! Teacher: Anna Dudley 

Space Explorers

When: Aug. 3-7

Who: Students entering 2nd-6th grade

Cost: $125

Registration deadline: July 3

Learn all about the solar system and ponder life on other planets. Study stars, asteroids, black holes, constellations – and everything SPACE! Imagine yourself as an astronaut or a being from another planet. Can you modify a planet to become a new “Earth” and create innovations that would allow people to live on it? Come explore space – the universe is the limit! Teacher: Mimi Lewis

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