Six awesome
STEAM camps
for K-sixth grade

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The Creatures In Your Backyard!

Week 1: JUNE 25-29

Our corner of the Pacific Northwest plays host to all sorts of fascinating critters, from the banana slug to the bald eagle. In this camp, you'll learn about some of the animals that are native to the Pacific Northwest – insects, birds, mammals, and more. Have you ever seen a pileated woodpecker? How about a mountain beaver? Research habitats and create one. Build a bird's nest? Play animal charades. Create a mixed-up animal. Get your hands dirty as you learn how to garden to attract wildlife. Take a trip to Northwest Trek to study our animal neighbors face-to-face.


Week 2: July 9-13

Learn about the gross side of science! In this camp, kids will explore the science behind digestion, brains, blood, and germs as well as gross and slimy animals. Paint with eggs, make and EAT a layers-of-skin snack, learn about POOP and composting. If you were looking for a camp that combines chemistry, biology, food, art and disgusting stuff, this it it. Ewww!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Year 4!

Week 3: July 16-July 20

It wouldn't be Summer@Seabury without Harry Potter Camp! Professor Albus Dumbledore has decreed that this will be the best year yet. Seasoned Harry Potter wizards and witches will delight in old favorites and discover new magic. And all will be amazing for new Hogwarts students. Wandlore! Herbology! Potions! Charms! Quidditch! Mythical creatures! More!

Genius Camp – Encore!

Week 4: July 23-27

Paint like Picasso or Jackson Pollock. Blue period or rose? Splatter and drip action? Design like Da Vinci, with sketches, creations and simple machines. Learn about scale and perspective and make a life-sized Vitruvian man. Build a Brunelleschi dome and design your own amazing machines and buildings with interesting materials. Explore the art and style of these – and more – famous artists, thinkers and innovators. What amazing things will you accomplish this summer?

Spy Camp!

Week 5: July 30-Aug. 3 

Join the ranks of Seabury’s elite group of secret agents. Hone your spy skills by learning the art of disguise, code making and breaking, evasion techniques, and more! Design and create your own spy gadgets. Perfect your stealth skills by creating and completing "laser" maze courses.

Jurassic World Seabury!

Week 6: Aug. 6-10

Join us for a prehistoric adventure as we create our own Jurassic World here at Seabury School. You'll spend the week immersed in all things dinosaur. Dig for fossils. Study dinosaur math. (How big – or small – were those guys anyway?) Create a huge prehistoric timeline and populate it with dinosaurs and plants. Identify fossils. Find out about the latest discoveries. Take a field trip to the Burke Museum and watch the paleontologists' painstaking work to expose a real T. rex skull.

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Summer@Seabury is open to all students in the community. There are six week-long camps at our lower school campus. Van transportation will be available from downtown for an additional fee and with enough interest each week.

The cost is $285 per week; and camps run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Before- and after-care is available for an additional fee from 7 to 9 a.m. and 3 to 6 p.m.

Please fill out a separate registration form for each child.

Thanks! It's going to be a great summer!

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