Seabury School's 8th Annual Gifted Education Seminar

Featuring James Webb, Ph.D

“We must cultivate courage and caring along with ... creativity, intelligence, and motivation ... otherwise we run the risk of having bright minds who lose their idealism or lack the courage to ... truly make a difference.”
That’s the wisdom of Dr. James Webb, nationally renowned psychologist on gifted education, who makes a return visit to the Seabury Speaker Series.
You’ve heard the fake news. Gifted kids need no special help; they already have so much going for them. Turns out their social-emotional needs are especially neglected. In his talk, Dr. Webb spells out how simply being bright is not enough. He offers concrete ideas for parents and teachers to help them re-think perspectives and behaviors and encourages programs focusing on social and emotional needs of these youngsters.

April 10, 2018 ● 7 p.m.  
BHS 106 
University of Washington Tacoma  

Thanks to Dr. Webb and all those who attended an informative and inspiring evening! Here's a link to Dr. Webb's PowerPoint presentation.

Video from 2015 Seabury Gifted Education Seminar: "11 Key Parenting Concerns For Families of Gifted Children" 

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