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We had planned the party of the year with our Seabury 30th Anniversary Auction and were all truly saddened to have to postpone the big event this past week. With the schools all under mandated closure and many other businesses closing as well for an undetermined length of time, we have come to realize that a reschedule of the originally planned event would be extremely difficult and a big risk. 

 We would risk the possibility of having to cancel again and then running out of school-year time to hold any event at all. This is a big dilemma for Seabury, as like many other non-profits in the area, we rely on our big annual auction to support a substantial amount of our regular operating budget each year. We have already incurred sunk costs by cancelling our in-person auction event at such a late date. We are calling on our families, friends, and supporters to jump in and help us out with our new plan!

Auction Plan B

We have transferred our entire event into an online auction launching March 16th at noon! This allows us to have as many friends and families continue to support Seabury through bidding on auction items, purchasing our multisale items (like wine grab bags or raffle tickets) and further sharing the event online. So here are ways you can participate…

  1. If you had already purchased a ticket to our auction event, please consider that ticket cost as a donation to Seabury. This helps us cover those sunk costs that we cannot recoup from having to cancel the physical event.
  2. Jump into our new online auction web pages and start bidding! We still have fabulous packages you can win and enjoy!
  3. Share our auction with lots of friends and families! We plan to have our Seabury bus and van drivers facilitate deliveries after the event closes throughout our Seattle-metro area, so this means that your friends and family don’t have to live in Tacoma to participate.

Our online auction will launch Monday, March 16 at noon and run through Sunday, March 22nd at 7 p.m. There will be three separate sections that roll out throughout the week and have staggering closings through the end of our event on Sunday. Follow us on Facebook for some especially fun package highlights and inspiration from our team and board of trustees.

So, pour yourself a glass of wine, your favorite cocktail, or a beer. Put on your favorite tie and/or tiara, and join us virtually for our Annual Seabury Auction – ONLINE!

With sincere thanks,

All of us at Seabury School


How do I bid online?
Create an an account at and click on "Start Bidding"

I registered for an account but I didn't get the verification email
Check your spam folder, we've also observed it can take a bit to get the email if you used a gmail account. Try another email if you don't receive the email within an hour or two.

Why can't I bid on some items?
Just like a real auction, items become available to bid on a staggered schedule. If you click on an item it will show you the date/time it will become available. You can also filter by "Currently Open" or "Opening Soon" by clicking on the menu icon that looks like three horizontal bars in the top left.

When does bidding close?
Items will close a couple days after they become available. You can see the closing date/time by clicking on the item and scrolling down.

If you have more questions or would like to get involved with our auction please contact Development Director Nadine Kohler at . 

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