August 13, 2015

Big ideas, little people

By Sandi Wollum
Head of school

What do you do with a 4-year-old who asks, in all sincerity, whether you think Pluto should be considered a planet, and can back up with scientific arguments the view that it should? How do you support a kindergarten child who has the fluency to read a 300-page chapter book, but not the stamina to manage that long of a novel or life experience to grasp the content of books aimed at fourth or fifth graders. What constitutes an appropriate challenge for the 4-year-old who has been building elaborate LEGO structures for as long as you can remember, but struggles to hold a pencil?

Is Seabury Montessori?

Parents who visit our early learning program often ask us whether our program is a Montessori program. Like Montessori classrooms, they see students engaged in a variety of tasks and making choices about the activities they are participating in. They see an emphasis on learning with the whole body through hands-on activities and sensory experiences. They see developmentally appropriate materials and a focus on students learning skills of independence.

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Oct. 13: Save that date!

We are thrilled to announce that the 2015-16 Seabury Speaker Series will welcome back James T. Webb, Ph.D., one of the 25 most influential psychologists nationally on gifted education. Webb specializes in social and emotional needs of gifted children and adults, and issues of their misdiagnosis. His October talk will focus on "11 key parenting concerns for families of gifted children."

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Pre-k Play Day

Have a pre-k kid who's enrolled at Seabury? Thinking of enrolling your prekindergarten age child at Seabury? Or do you just have a 4- or 5-year-old who needs something to do on a late summer morning? Come play with us. 

All of the aforementioned (and their 4- and 5-year-old buddies) are invited to a morning of fun and exploration at Seabury School.

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Jellybean time!

It's the Seabury experience for pre-prekindergartners. We're excited to be heading into the second year of our Saturday morning class for 2-year-olds and young 3s. The first year was a smashing success.

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