August 14, 2014

Seabury in Seoul

We're bringing Seabury-style learning to kids in South Korea.
In an exciting partnership with Korea Poly Schools, five Seabury teachers have been working in Seoul this summer on a pilot project to teach units selected from Seabury's curriculum to selected students in Korea Poly's intensive summer program.

The goal of the pilot is to determine how top KPS students respond to a North American style gifted program experience that emphasizes integrated curriculum, problem solving, and creative, critical and analytical thinking.

After Seabury, the world

Alexis Massey, who graduated from Seabury as an eighth grader in 2013, has moved on to an incredible high school experience with Think Global School, an IB program that truly puts the "international" in International Baccalaureate. At TGS, teens in the small student body study in 12 countries over the course of their high school careers. Alexis wrote an article for us, focusing on India, the first country she was immersed in as a ninth grader.

Four years 12 countries and a world full of amazing opportunities. This is the philosophy that makes THINK Global School one of a kind. My first year started on a simple plane ride. I had never been out of North America and I was about to fly halfway around the world to stay for three months in India, a place that for years I had only dreamed of visiting.

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Know a Seabury kid?

At Seabury, we're about the whole child – intellectual, social, emotional and developmental. We nurture children’s curiosity, help them pursue their passions, let their readiness and interests guide the pace and depth of learning, and support gifted kids in a community that “gets” them. Know a child who could benefit from a Seabury education? We still have a few openings and there's time to enroll before the first day of school on Sept. 3. Contact us for tours of our middle or lower school campuses. And check out for information and resources. 

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