November 22, 2013

Focus on technology

Welcome to our updated Seabury newsletter. This year we're sending out the newsletter through our website platform. We're also highlighting a theme each issue that's important to our mission. You might have already figured out if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or read our classroom blogs that November's theme is Technology. 

Technology is a tool

At Seabury, we don’t teach technology classes, we incorporate technology seamlessly into daily classroom learning experiences in developmentally appropriate ways – just as people of all ages use technology in their everyday lives.

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From the head of school

Take a look around Seabury School and you will notice students of all ages, from prekindergarten through middle school, engaging with technology in new ways every day. Students use technology as a tool – much like their parents do at work and home – for finding information, keeping track of work and deadlines, creating presentations and much more.

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Dan Taylor: Our I.T. hero

We couldn't have a newsletter issue focusing on technology without an article talking about Dan Taylor and the many hundreds (thousands?) of volunteer hours he's put in over the past dozen or so years working to keep our computer equipment functioning and up-to-date.

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More heroes

We also couldn't be doing a lot of what we're doing this year involving technology without a whole bunch of you who came to our auction in the spring and raised your bid cards for our technology-themed fund-an-item.

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Our philanthropic kids

Finally, not directly related to technology, although we're sure students and teachers used tech tools somewhere along the line in these projects, we want to highlight two student-driven fundraisers - one just completed at the middle school, the other next week at the lower school.

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In This Issue

Upcoming Events

February 28th
Annual Seabury Gifted Education Seminar

March 5th
School Day Open House - lower school

March 6th
School Day Open House – middle school

March 14th
Seabury Annual Science Fair

March 16th
Middle School Mash Up

April 13th
Junior Daffodil Parade!

April 27th
Seabury Auction

May 9th
Seabury Family STEAM Night

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