March 31, 2014

DOING science

During his first year in high school, my son came home one day and told me, "Seabury ruined science for me, Mom." I was incredulous. Seabury has an awesome science program! I asked him what he meant and he replied, "At Seabury, we actually DID science; developing our own questions, putting together our own investigations, drawing our own conclusions. Now, all we do is read about science and do experiments that are already set up for us. I liked actually DOING science much better."

Seabury Science Fair!

As always, our annual Science Fair was an amazing day. Our students, pre-k through eighth grade, produced an impressive array of projects. There was biology, chemistry, geology, physics, and culinary science, and yes, there was the popular baking soda volcano. 

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Regional Science Fair!

Five Seabury students took their fantastic science projects on to the South Sound Regional Science Fair last Saturday at Pacific Lutheran University: Judah Friedman, kindergarten; Eliza Hall, first grade; Sofia Guerra, second grade; Anna Caplinger, third grade; and Caroline Hall, fourth grade. 

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You will rock

By Caroline Hall, fourth grade

My name is Caroline Hall and I am going to explain my experience with the science fair. How I got started with the science fair was, my mom used to be an epidemiologist (an epidemiologist is a scientist who studies sickness (like cancer) and tries to find solutions by studying scientific journals) and she was always encouraging me to go.

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A happy ending

By Sofia Guerra, second grade

I felt nervous. I thought the judges might not like my project, because after I saw my classmates' projects (how to blow up a balloon with baking soda and vinegar, for one), my project seemed dull. Still, I went to the South Sound Regional Science Fair to present my project. I almost forgot about being nervous when I transported myself into the world of Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters, but as soon as a judge came over, I remembered the situation I was in. Immediately I came back to the real world and in my mind went over what I had said the night before at practice. 

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Mazatlan and more

There are just a few days left to RSVP for Seabury's 2014 Auction - "A Night on the Orient Express" - April 12 at the Temple Theatre. A Seabury auction is always a fun and elegant evening, plus we've been checking out the items that will be available to bid on. You don't want to miss out!

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Summer 2014

The Summer at Seabury 2014 registration desk is open for business!
Our summer program gives youngsters from kindergarten (entering in fall) through fifth grade the chance to create, act, build, be scientists, learn - and have a blast - during a summer-full of week-long enrichment camps.

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