July 2018


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Jul 16, 2018

Summer@Seabury: Harry Potter Year 4

It wouldn't be Summer@Seabury without Harry Potter Camp! Professor Albus Dumbledore has decreed that this will be the best year yet. Seasoned Harry Potter wizards...

Jul 23, 2018

Summer@Seabury: Genius Camp - Encore

Paint like Picasso or Jackson Pollock. Blue period or rose? Splatter and drip action? Design like Da Vinci, with sketches, creations and simple machines. Learn...

Summer@Seabury: Grossology

July 9, 2018 9:00 AM

Learn about the gross side of science! In this camp, kids will explore the science behind digestion, brains, blood, and germs as well as gross and slimy animals. Paint with eggs, make and EAT a layers-of-skin snack, learn about POOP and composting. If you were looking for a camp that combines chemistry, biology, food, art and disgusting stuff, this it it. Ewww!

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