Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are not planning an in-person Annual Auction Event in 2022.  While we will still be holding our auction, the event will be online only and will therefore have different family volunteer opportunities than in the past.  Please be sure to read school-wide auction emails for the latest information regarding ways our families can help.  THANKS!

Participating in auctions is a new experience for many families new to Seabury, and can be an intimidating experience. However, it doesn’t have to be. Families are asked to participate in the auction in several ways. Each family can decide what works best for them.


In addition to encouraging parents to join in this community celebration and invite grandparents, friends, co-workers and others to participate, families are expected to use 5 of their required volunteer hours towards the auction, and are expected to procure items for the auction

Volunteering is more than just a requirement. Volunteering for the auction is fun and can be a great way to meet other parents. Volunteering hours can be accrued by, among others:

  • Participating in the auction planning committee in one of several functions including: sponsorship, design, technology, communications, display, class auction projects, etc.
  • Joining auction work parties in the weeks leading up to auction
  • Data entry
  • Assisting in set-up the day of the auction (and the day prior)
  • Assisting in clean-up after the auction and the following day


Families are asked to procure approximately $300 worth of items or experiences, or, if preferred, a buy-out option is usually available. Details regarding this option are communicated to families early in the year, and procurement forms are made available in late Fall. In order to facilitate procurement, we encourage families to think about things they would be interested in purchasing – for birthdays, celebrations, décor, etc. More details are available to families regarding procurement and buy-out options in our family auction email updates. 

Attendance at the Event

Supporting the school is good for our families AND the community. Seabury encourages families to invite friends, grandparents and co-workers to come and support the unique and leading-edge educational opportunities Seabury provides its students. 

The night of the event, the auction committee and school staff go out of their way to help new parents feel welcome and engaged. New parents who don’t express a specific preference for seating arrangements are placed with other parents in the same classroom to help make the evening more fun. Other families gather friends and family to join together in purchasing tables, or come together with others in the classroom and buy one (or more!) tables together.

Seabury auctions tend to have an annual theme which adds a fresh twist to each annual event and keeps participants guessing as to the décor and ambiance which will welcome them the evening of the event. The Auction Committee encourages event-goers to have fun with their wardrobe – to the extent they feel comfortable. Comfort and attendance comes first – adding a bit of pizzazz to the wardrobe is an added perk!

For many families, selecting Seabury as a school for their children is a significant financial burden on its own. Considering additional expenses can be difficult – but this is a celebration for the entire community and the school wishes to make it possible for everyone to attend. Volunteering during and after the event can be a great way to attend the event without incurring the cost of a ticket, In the end, every family has a budget and should come to the event with that budget in mind (and – perhaps – consider going a little higher!). The auction committee works to have items at all price levels, and it is often a great opportunity to do birthday/holiday shopping that needs to be done anyway. Many auction participants get some great bargains, while others come away with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!

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