July 2017


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Jul 31, 2017

BB-8's Galaxy Tour! Summer@Seabury

Learn about the solar system and beyond – and ponder the idea of life on other planets. Imagine yourself as an astronaut or a space...

Aug 2, 2017

The Art of Anime! Summer@Seabury

Love anime? Love film? Love thinking, learning and talking about them both? This is the workshop for you. You'll analyze films with a focus on...

Genius Camp! Summer@Seabury

July 17, 2017 9:00 AM

Paint like Picasso or Jackson Pollock. Blue period or rose? Splatter and drip action? Design like Da Vinci, with sketches, creations and simple machines. Learn about scale and perspective and make a life-sized Vitruvian man. Build a Brunelleschi dome and design your own amazing machines and buildings with interesting materials. Explore the art and style of these – and more – famous artists, thinkers and innovators. What amazing things will you accomplish this summer? 

Register for Genius Camp here.

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